WOW Digit global meet held in Hongkong..Indian team partisipated

WOW Digital and Hongkong based crypto currency which is launched in India last year held its global meet in Hongkong in April 2016.Indian team participated in that and received awards from the company.Digital currency is become key role in financial segment.BITCOIN digital currency is accepting all over the world.Wow Digit also expanding its operations all over the world.In India it launched in 2015 and creating awareness programme on digital currency which is future in financial segments.

WOW Digit annual day celebration and global meet held in Hongkong.WOW Digital members participated from allover the world.Padma,Clinton,Venkat varma and their team has participated from India.Wow management said that Indian is key market for them.They will expand their operations allover India and bring awareness on digital currency in India.Now they are having office in Chennai.And soon open offices in Hyderabad and other parts of India.WOW Digital said soon will tie up with several merchants where members can pay through wow coins.Many more services will be introduced.WOW Digital Indian team conducting meeting to bring awarness on digital currency in south India.

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