Will Telangana Govt bring the law for direct selling???

Hyderabad:Telangana rastra samiti party president K.Chandrasekharrao(kcr) became first chief minister of new Telangana state.Telangana became 29th state in India.TRS party announced its manifesto in the elections 2014.In that several promises made by the party.Particularly made a statement”Direct selling industry made 88% growth in telangana and it is giving opportunity to earn for unemployment youth in telangana.Hence if TRS party govt comes to the power will bring certain guidelines to develop direct selling industry in telangana…

So now TRS formed the government in telangana.Several netwrok industry people hope telangana government will bring guidelines and certain rules for direct selling industry.TRS govt wants to develop this direct selling industry where new state is waiting for new industries.If telangana governament bring the law for direct selling it will be role model to all states also.Direct selling industry eagerly waiting for the guidelines in Telangana state.

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