web-work.in is a scam!!!

WebWork Trade Links Pvt. Ltd. Noida based company started business like socialtrade.biz and promoting with guarantee returns per clicking. www.web-work.in assures their customers for every click Rs 6 will be given.But questions are where these Rs 6 coming from to the company.

Company never updated all the details on website.

Company whois data

Web Work
OrganizationWebWork Trade Links Pvt Ltd
State / ProvinceUttar Pradesh
Postal Code201301

Above details are given while registering website and registered for one year only.

Company never given any details who is their advertisement partners and how they can give fixed 6/- as payclick income?

No legal certificates

On website there is no legal certificate about the company.

Company stopped new registrations.

What Cyber experts says:

web-work.in looks like pure rotation only where as social network sites facebook or twitter or google never pay to advertisers to fixed income.If any company tie up with google adsense they have to upload google ads on their website.But web-work.in never published any google ads.

If company tie up with any big companies such HLL,P&G OR Any MNC for advertisements company can show their agreements to the distrubutors. But truth is those MNC Companies never give ads to webportals or any small companies or agencies..They check Trps for Televisions ABC Certificate for news papers.And they dont give normally to small companies or websites.

web-work seems not showing any full details to members..All they are doing and promoting top leaders to recruit more members in their network.

Consumer forum alert:

Consumer protect forum alerted dont fall in such companies and they are not able to give such 6 per click .We tried to contact web-work phone number..But its not able to connect.And we sent mails which we dont get reply from them.


Based on website and their legality and transparent and business plan this company looks not worthy to believe.Before investing in this check all your above doubts.

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