Storiqa ICO Starting:14_Nov_2017 Ending:28_Dec_2018

Coin Name: Storiqa
Coin Symbol: STQ
Website Address:
Total ICO Supply: 18000000 USD
ICO Start Date: Nov 28th 2017
ICO End Date: Dec 28th 2018
Goal of funding in USD: 18000000 USD
Accepted Currencies: Bitcoin, Etherum
Telegram (english):
Compan Name: Storiqa
About Company:
The main goal of the project is to destroy all the borders between buyers and sellers, as well as to make maximum transparent trading system. Storiqa makes the easy and fast system of transaction, allowing the customer exchange their currencies, buy STQ or sell them. After ICO, which start Nov, 28 and ends Dec,28 STQ tokens will be listed at HitBTC. There are no needs for any external exchange if the marketplace is exchanged itself. STQ tokens give access to sellers for useful marketing tools and higher cashback for buyers in case of payment in STQ.
Email: [email protected]

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