Speak Asia Fraud-AP CID team for delhi

  Hyderabad:A special team of the Crime Investigation Department (CID) of A.P. will leave for Delhi on Wednesday to interrogate the person arrested in connection with over Rs. 2,200 crore online market research scam involving Speak Asia company.

The Delhi police on Tuesday arrested Ram Sumiran Pal, the alleged mastermind behind the Speak Asia’s scam, who had been evading the police for nearly two years.

The company promised huge returns to the subscribers. Nearly two lakh persons purchased subscriptions of the company.

Many of them were reportedly from Andhra Pradesh too. The CID officials said that already some cases were registered in Hyderabad against the company following complaints lodged by some investors.

“Efforts will be made to attach properties of the company and get back the money of the investors,” they said.

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