Prathibha groups cheated in crores

Hyderabad:Prathibha groups of companies closed and management run away with the public money.Company has been collected nearly 50 crores from the public with assurance giving higher interest.Company has assured to the investors that they will pay maturity with higher interest.

Company have no permissions from RBI,SEBI to collect deposits from the public.But they have been collected the deposits in the name of real estate.They claimed that company having several activities in different sectors.Managing director has cheated public with pre plan and run away with the public money.He shows he is having good contacts with congress leaders and published photos with the ministers on the website.People believed all these and invested in the company.Political leaders should aware with such fraudsters.

Several people has given complaint in kphb police station,Hyderabad.Police register the cases and invistigating the issue.

We have published few months back about prathibha groups companies are fraud.We have given cautions to the public in that article.Check that article

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