Panasonic Among New Contributors to Hyperledger's Iroha Project

Five new companies are contributing to Iroha, one of several projects attached to the Hyperledger blockchain initiative.

Among the companies joining is Japanese electronics conglomerate Panasonic, marking its first major foray into the blockchain space. Other firms involved include Indetail, Intec, CAC and NTT Data, the last of which is a founding member of Hyperledger.


Unveiled last year, Iroha focuses on the creation of a framework for user-friendly applications for mobile devices. Soramitsu, which initially proposed the Iroha project, said that the firms involved will all put forward development time and resources.

“This means they will work to develop code to create Hyperledger Iroha, contributing it to the open-source community,” the startup said.

The ultimate goal is to develop a robust library of components that can be easily used among others running digital ledgers based on Hyperledger’s technology. Specifically, the team behind Iroha seeks to create reusable components in C++ that can call from other programming languages such as GO.

Along with Iroha, the Hyperledger umbrella includes distributed ledger projects like Sawtooth Lake, Fabric and Cello.

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