One coin launches E commerce platform Deal shaker

Onecoin one of the crypto currency launched from Europe and promoting allover the world.Now Onecoin launches exclusive e commerce platform where onecoin members can use oncoins to buy products online.The first e-commerce platform to use OneCoins (ONE), the, was opened for merchant registrations on January 16, 2017.

The purpose of DealShaker is to serve as a hub and an advertising platform, enabling customer-to-customer and business-to-customer deal promotions in price combinations of OneCoin cryptocurrency and cash. Merchants can sell their products at a discount or at full price. The only condition they should bear in mind is that they will receive at least 50% of the price of the offered product or service in ONE. Merchants can also accept the full coupon price in ONE by adjusting the slider to 100%.

Being the exclusive cryptocurrency for deals on DealShaker, the rate of the coin will be fixed and determined by the current exchange rate of the ONE, modified with the change in the mining difficulty of the ONE cryptocurrency. Deals will also be promoted in Euro.

By joining DealShaker, merchants become part of the OneLife Network and gain access not only to the OneLife’s Network user base of 3 million people, but also present an opportunity for your business to advertise your product to a wider audience and make your product known worldwide.

On DealShaker, merchants can promote and sell deal coupons that will serve as evidence for the promotional deal offer and will be sent to the client electronically once payment is received. The client then will be able to redeem the deal coupon with the merchant by presenting the deal coupon either on paper or electronic form.

Currently, the project is in its first phase – members of the OneLife Network can now log in with their OneLife credentials, register a merchant profile and register deals. DealShaker will launch its shopping section on February 16, 2017, when users will be able to start shopping with their coins.

The DealShaker e-commerce platform is an important part of the company’s strategic development and therefore a valuable addition to the OneCoin Ecosystem, increasing both the usability and value of the coin.

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