Obizcoin ICO Starting:14_Dec_2017 Ending:14_Mar_2018

Coin Name: Obizcoin
Coin Symbol: OBZ
ICO Start Date: Thursday, December 14 2017
ICO End Date: Wednesday, March 14 2018
Total Coin Supply: 300000000
Total ICO Supply: 15000000 USD
Goal of funding in USD: 15000000 USD
Accepted Currencies: Bitcoin, Etherum
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Twitter Link:
Telegram Group Invitation Link:
Compan Name: Obizcoin
About Company:
ObizCoin is getting ready for their ICO Pre-Sale and their global introduction of the world’s first “Smart Process BOTs”. The ObizCoin Platform has in and of itself created a new paradigm in the way businesses will manage their internal processes. Any successful enterprise must have the ability to define and implement each business process, and then to analyze how to improve upon it. Through the use of Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain Technology, ObizCoin Smart Bot’s will be able to identify and improve all the processes that go into a successful business model.

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