Neptune classic coin launched in India

Neptune classic coin ,a new crypto currency has been launched in India.Company has been launched through direct selling and also direct trade on exchanges.It has been registered on which anybody can trade with bitcoin.As per company statement Neptune coin is minable&tradeble.After successfully launched in korea,China,Japan,Australia,Brazil it enter into Indian market now.Neptune coin is developed with the goal of leading companies and investors in global financial market to guide global crypto currency market.

Neptune classic coin is a global leader in crypto currency market to link information and technology and finance as one with based on humanism and compete against not only major cryptocurrency but also global company mobile payment such as apple pay, samsung pay, ali pay, kakao pay, and line pay.

Total balance :999 Millions
Block reward : 180.0
Block target : 1 min
Difficulty retarget : 84000 blocks( 15 day)
Genesis block open : 2016. 09. 05
Mining method : SCRYPT POW.

Company has been launched shopping portal where People can buy products through neptune coins.

Neptune classic coin has introduced business plan where people can earn income through this plan.And it has launched direct selling website

It introduced Direct income,Binary income,Level income,Shopping income,Bonanzas.All payments transfer into bitcoins on daily basis.Once people joined they can withdraw coins which is allotted to them while joining on daily basis depends upon the plan.Company soon introducing to more exchanges and plans to tie up with merchants where Neptune classic coin can exchange with their services.

*Neptune classic coin to be introduce some more exchanges
*Company plans to tie up with merchants all over the world
*Company will be introduced some more products on shopping portal
*Company plans to Expand in India

Company websites:

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