MMM INDIA website closed!End to helping Scam!!

  After arrest of MMM INDIA main promoters in Assam mmm India schemes has been shaken.Later EOW follow the action on MMM INDIA.Some promoters and main culprit arrested recently by EOW,Mumbai.But police want to close the website.Then Police arrested a Russian national and his Indian wife from Goa for their alleged role.The duo was controlling the publicity and coordination of the firm through internet.

Now MMM INDIA website has been closed.So it is end to mmmindia scam in India. But several people lost huge money in mmmindia scam.Police already arrested few people and register FIR more than 17 persons including russians. The fraud mastermind, Sergei Mavrodi, a Russian national, is also wanted in this case.MMM INDIA scam is over.But people take lessons from these MMM issue???It is ?????

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