Microsoft Unveils New Framework to Speed Up Blockchain PoCs

Microsoft has unveiled a new framework aimed at streamlining the blockchain proof-of-concept process.

In a new blog post, the company said it was appealing to firms that want to test the tech for possible applications in a more timely fashion, estimating that existing conditions could mean as much as $300k in expenses and development times as long as a year.

According to Microsoft, the framework entails the prototype blockchain network, relevant APIs, as well as a Hashing Service and a Signing Service to support the testing. Microsoft’s Azure cloud service – one of the central planks of the company’s blockchain strategy – sits at the heart of the framework.

Microsoft added that it intends to demo the new framework during CoinDesk’s Consensus 2017 blockchain conference, which is being held next week in New York.

“With the framework, customers and partners can focus on creating truly innovative applications that demonstrate the potential of blockchain, and spend less time and resources on integration tasks that required to get even a basic PoC up and running,” the company said.

Image by Pete Rizzo for CoinDesk


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