Last Laugh? Dilbert Creator Scott Adams Talks Plans for Token Launch

When Scott Adams announced his company would embark on an initial coin offering (ICO) on his blog Friday, he wrote without sarcasm that the day might be one of the “biggest” of his life.

Quite the statement from the creator of the beloved Dilbert comic strip, readers may be surprised given Adams’ recent, pointed take on blockchain mania. But far from just lampooning the technology, Adams is gearing up to get firsthand experience of how it can be used for fundraising.

WhenHub – a time visualization firm co-founded by Adams – is now preparing to launch a token of its own, preceded by an offering of Simple Agreements for Future Tokens, or SAFTs.

The project, according to Adams, allows subject matter experts to sell small amounts of time to clients, who will consult in a Skype-like video call session over the platform, the WhenHub Interface Network (WIN). The new product will facilitate auctions and payments, a system that would be built on top of ethereum using smart contracts, taking the tedium out of payments and invoicing.

In interview, Adams explained that he went through much the same process as everyone else: going from asking “What the hell is this?” to having days where he kind of started to get it and others where he could see the bigger picture.

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