Hyperledger Adds 'Indy' and 'Composer' Blockchain Projects

The Linux Foundation-backed Hyperledger blockchain project got a little bit bigger this week.

Yesterday, the group’s blog showcased Project Indy, which is focused on digital identity tools for blockchain ecosystems. Indy is being spearheaded by a group called the Sovrin Foundation, founded last year to provide solutions for decentralized identity.

According to the group’s chair, Phil Windley, the goal is to draw in additional developers to the cause by way of the Hyperledger community.

“Our hope is to attract even more developers who want to unleash the transformative power of digital identity that is truly decentralized, self-sovereign, and independent of any silo,” he wrote.

But Indy isn’t the only project to join Hyperledger’s ranks.

Composer, unveiled earlier today, is aimed at developing “business networks” on top of Hyperledger-tied systems such as Fabric, Iroha or Sawtooth Lake. The project was developed by a team drawn from IBM and blockchain startup Oxchain.

Like the group behind Indy, those backing Composer are hoping to tap the development community around Hyperledger for further iteration.

“By working with the community, we would like to continue to develop Composer to be a powerful and complete development framework that allows users to easily and rapidly build blockchain business networks,” the team said.

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