FireLotto ICO Starting:1_Jan_2018 Ending:15_Feb_2018

Coin Name: FireLotto
Coin Symbol: (FLOT)
Website Address:
Total ICO Supply: 100,000,000$
ICO Type: Pre Sale
ICO Start Date: Jan_1_2018
ICO End Date: Feb_15_2018
Goal of funding in EUR: 50,000,000$
Accepted Currencies: BTC USD ETH
Twitter Link:
Telegram Group:
Compan Name: FireLotto
About Company:
At the pre-sale stage, Fire Lotto tokens will be sold at a fixed low price.The token holder will receive a commission from each ticket sold in every drawing.
The price of Fire Lotto tokens will constantly increase.Commission payouts are secured by smart contracts and provide token holders with an almost endless source of income.

Email: [email protected]

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