CoinDesk Report: Advances in Blockchain Privacy & Confidentiality

If there’s one overarching theme in the blockchain technology space, it’s the push for greater privacy and confidentiality.

Today, public blockchains remain limited in that scope, however, risking sensitive user data through advanced techniques employed by global cryptanalysts. Likewise, private distributed ledgers face a challenge of enabling some of the world’s largest institutions to share data, all while safeguarding information that is vital to maintaining their competitive edge.

To some of the industry’s leading thinkers, both areas are key to ensuring the opportunities for blockchain technology are fully realized.

CoinDesk’s newest report aims to serve as a reference guide for those seeking to make blockchain business decisions today, covering in depth the broad expanse of both tested and cutting-edge technologies being harnessed by innovators.

“Advances in Blockchain Privacy & Confidentiality” is designed to provide your startup or organization with the knowledge to understand the available options in the current market, keeping abreast of one of the sector’s fastest-moving – and hard-to-parse – fields.

Highlights include:

  • 50 pages of insight and analysis on enterprise and open-source approaches to blockchain confidentiality
  • A comprehensive compendium of cutting-edge cryptographic solutions, including zero-knowledge proofs, ring signatures and sidechains
  • Diagrams and exhibits to clarify difficult concepts from public key cryptography to homomorphic encryption
  • Overviews on how leading consortiums, from Hyperledger, R3, Digital Asset Holdings to the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance, are optimizing for confidentiality.

Image via Alex Sunnarborg for CoinDesk


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