BetterBetting ICO Starting:15_Nov_2017 Ending:31_Dec_2018

Coin Name: BetterBetting
Coin Symbol: BETR
Website Address:
Total ICO Supply: 650,000,000$
ICO Type: Upcoming
ICO Start Date: Dec_15_2017
ICO End Date: Jan _31_2018
Goal of funding in EUR: 650,000,000$
Accepted Currencies: BTC. ETH, LTC, BCH, DASH
Twitter Link:
Telegram Group
Compan Name: BetterBetting
About Company:
Betting Currency of the Future Introducing BETR – the betting crypto-currency that will establish truly decentralised sports betting on the internet. Providing a Global Betting Liquidity Pool, BETR is being built by gaming industry veterans, for the industry. BETR will become the exclusive crypto-currency of some of the world’s leading gaming operators.

Email: [email protected]

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