Apex launched Re-Live product

Hyderabad:Apextelecom launched new healthcare product Re-live recently.Apex has realized that healthcare and wellness products are being widely accepted among the people.Apex have formulated a most powerful nutritional food supplement by doing extensive R&D and are now launching the product ‘Re-Live.

About the product:

Re-live Daily has Flax, which is a natural plant source of vital nutrition and is considered safe for healthy people of all age groups. Because flax contains phytoestrogens (plant estrogens), people with hormone related health concerns (i.e. pregnant or lactating women) should consult their doctor before consuming any flax product.

The FSSAI does not allow non-drug food supplements to make claims of curing or treating any specific illness. Therefore, we only mention how well it boosts immunity, balances hormones and acts as an anti-oxidant. However, many other sources (doctors, scientists, the Mayo Clinic, the National Cancer Institute) have made claims and recommendations that range from lignans being a good part of a healthy diet, to saying that they kill cancer and HIV cells. Download PDF to read the articles for yourself.


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