Agri Gold case transfereed to CID

Vijayawada:Andhra pradesh government has transferred the investigation into alleged irregularities in the Agri Gold Company to the Crime Investigation Department (CID). This followed police conducting raids on the company’s office in Nellore and its chairman’s house in Vijayawada.

The police acted on the complaint filed by a customer in the Agri Gold Company at Pedapadu police station, the source said. Meanwhile, depositors in the company staged agitation in front of Agri Gold offices in Vijayawada, Atmakuru in Nellore district, Dharmavaram in Anantapur district, Ongole in Prakasam district and Srikakulam.

The police in Nellore, during the raid on the company’s office on Sunday, seized records. The West Godavari police too seized some records and documents during the raid on the chairman’s house in Vijayawada. In Kavali in Nellore district, company’s branch manager fled when agitators attacked the Agri Gold office. The depositors stayed put in front of the branch office, demanding refund of their deposits with interest.

Nellore police said the company through the network of five branches had carried out financial transactions between Rs 900 and Rs 1000 crore in the district alone. It also mobilised deposits from people, the police said. Attention has now been focussed on the role of a section of agents as far as mobilisation of deposits is concerned. The police plunged into action following numerous complaints by depositors that their money deposited in the company had not been refunded even after maturity date.

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