another scam??? is a scam!!!

Fake certificates,Fake numbers

Recently scam busted and police arrested MD of the company and freezes 500 crores money in the collected over 3,700 crores from the public and distributed money on basis of joining.They dont have any tie ups with any advertising companies to give per click.

One such type company started its programme and asking people to invest.And they say they give perclick income and started ad packages.Till recent they published phone numbers and asked to contact for more information..

After this company changed address and updated in their website false address.Now they are showing London address and legal documents also fake.They have uploaded they are uk based company which is not true. seems is a scam has not providing any information..They purely rotate money once they are not getting business they shut down website.Beware with these companies. Dont promote or join in such type of companies.

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