21 Inc Opens Bitcoin Email Service to General Public

Bitcoin startup 21 is making its new ’21 Lists’ product available to the general public today.

Soft launched in February, the paid email platform enabled users to send surveys, tasks and requests to curated lists of individuals and professionals, incentivizing those actions with small bitcoin payments.

Original users included what 21 described as “famous people”, largely VCs backing the firm, including Marc Andreessen and Ben Horowitz.

Starting today, however, anyone can apply to join to create a profile page and join 21 Lists based on their preferred area of expertise.

In a blog post, the firm heralded the move as one that would open the door for users to engage in “microconsulting” – a way to earn additional income by offering their expertise to individuals outside their social network.

The company went on to explain:

“Depending on the selectivity of the 21.co list that you gain admission to, the expected income for a given list’s annual stream of microconsulting work should be on the order of $10 to $1,000+ per year.”

Further, some lists will be subject to periodic reviews to ensure the quality of responses does not degrade, 21 added. For example, the firm said individuals in lists that target specific digital currency users will periodically ask users to sign transactions to verify that they still qualify to receive tasks in this area.

The move is the latest that finds 21, one of bitcoin’s best-funded startups, evolving its offering from a focus on bitcoin mining hardware to one centered on disrupting social media networks through micropayments.

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